Murex Industries was established in 1990 and it has been the first manufacturer of acrylic bathtubs, shower trays and whirlpools in Lebanon, in addition to the toilet seat covers, shower cabins (of different sizes), bathroom furniture, and plastic tanks. It provides bathroom set-up to national and international clients. Our main purpose is to satisfy customers in search of quality, beauty and aesthetics. We continue to make innovations with the most advanced and original technology, according to the ever evolving changes in lifestyle, needs and desires. Today we are the only Lebanese company specialised in this type of products and we are proud to compete with well-known brands. The executive offices are in Antelias and the factory is in Mar Boutros in the North Metn.

In 1996 Murex Industries started the trading activity of accessories, kitchen sinks, tiles and sanitary ware by being a dealer for Lecico products, under the name "Murex Industries & Trading s.a.l.", posessing actually  two showrooms, one in Antelias-Metn, and the second one in Safra-Kesrouan. Now we can also provide lighting products.

Who We Are